Rhino Communications

Rhino Finishing Materials Inc. is proud to present “Rhino Communications”.


This is a unique service offered to the builder to enhance communication with your finishing supplier. As soon as the finishing package has been delivered, Rhino Finishing will alert the builder via email that the material has arrived, and any other pertinent information. For example, if the delivery driver notices anything out of the ordinary, such as damage or suspicious behaviour, the builder will know right away. Any problems with the package or backorders will also be noted. The delivery personnel will inform the communication coordinator at Rhino Finishing prior to leaving the address, and then immediately the email will be sent to the builder. It is usually the superintendant that would receive these “alerts” however anyone within the organization may register their email address and receive the information. There is no extra cost to the builder. Just contact your sales representative, and we will sign you up!



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